HAT Nagisa no yu is a natural hot spring bathhouse in HAT Kobe.A fitness gym and restaurant are also provided.

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In Japan since ancient times, hot springs have been considered a blessing of nature that offers people a sense of healing. Bathing in public bath has been very popular among ordinary people since Edo-era, and those public baths are called "Sento."

To soothe stress or fatigue, why don’t you also come and enjoy soaking in various kinds of hot tubs, good foods, getting massages, etc. at HAT nagisano-yu. It is a Sento located in the southern part of kobe city, opened in 2009.

Service Hour
From 10 am to 1 am.
You can not enter after 12am.
Note:The holidays are irregular. It occurs about once every 6 months.

main bath

General admission (baths)WeekdaysWeekends & Holidays
Adults(13 and over)820yen900yen

1.Children under 3 years old are free to enter at any time.
2. The price includes free body soap and shampoo.
3. Please prepare a towel (wash cloth, face wash towel, bath towel). You can also purchase at the store. The face towel is 210 yen. Bath towel is 520 yen. Rental towels are not provided.

If using public transport: Change to Hanshin Train at JR Sannomiya Station
and get off at "Kasuganomichi-eki".It is an 8-minute walk from east exit.
When Nagisa no yu can not be found...
Please look for Japan Red Cross Hospital. There is Nagisa no yu near.

If you use a taxi:
Please ask the navigation system to enter the phone number. 078-231-4126

As another method
Please let the driver check the map.

Pass the key of the shoe box to the front staff.
※A 100 yen coin is required for the shoe box.
When you put your shoes out of the shoebox, 100 yen coins will be returned.

Admission is prepayment.

You get a locker key. Next, proceed to the bathroom on the second floor.
The number attached to the locker key is your locker. Please look for your number.

Before entering the bathtub.
Please wash your body with a shower.

Please do not put hair in bathtub

Do not put the towel in the bathtub

Please do not put the body soap attached to your body into the bathtub.

Operation of mobile phones in bathrooms and dressing rooms is prohibited

Those who put in tattoos can not take a bath.
I know that there is an aspect of art,
but many people dislike tattoos, and some children are afraid of tattoos.
Tattoos are prohibited regardless of size,
in order to allow everyone to spend comfortably on the public bathing facility.
Please understand.