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Nagisa-no-Yu welcomes RUGBY SUPPORTERS from abroad!
Nagisa-no-Yu is one day visit spa (communal bath) located in HAT Kobe. The hot spring (onsen) at this Nagisa-no-Yu pumps water up from 757m below ground. It is rich in minerals and has efficacy, such as heals sore muscles, soothes skin and etc. We have outdoor hot spring, small personal bathtubs of Japanese potteries, lie-down-style relaxing bathtubs, and more. We would very much like foreign visitors to enjoy Nagisa-no-Yu Onsen during this special occasion.

We usually do not accept people who have tattoos; however, we offer “Tattoo Friendly Weeks” from September 20th through October 14th while the Rugby World Cup games are held in Kobe.
Please follow the instructions listed below and enjoy onsen!

In order to enjoy Nagisa-no-Yu Onsen:
1. Please present your Rugby World Cup 2019 ticket/stub and your ID(valid passport, etc.).
2. Please pay entrance fee.
3. Before bathing, please cover your tattoo(s) with seal(s). Special tattoo seals are available at the front counter.
4. Please read thoroughly “bathing instructions” handed to you at the front counter, and follow the instructions.
5. This offer is limited to foreign tourists only.